a perfect camera?


following-up on the two earlier posts, what’s pushing me in my current thoughts of the camera market is that I seem not being able to find the right device I’d like to have. Looking at the many changes happening, we’re definitely in a transition period, here, a phase of trial and error and compromises, while I wished it would be so dead easy as in the old analogue manual times.

What am I looking for?

  • rangefinder (ghost-type, with metering, aperture, speed, flash info), a compromise could be a high-resolution Live-EVF.
  • silent, like a compact Sigma DP2x
  • a decent made camera body of the size of a compact system camera, up to the size of a consumer DSLR
  • low-light capability and dynamic range of a D3/D700
  • professional grade prime lens range from 14 to 500 mm to select from (effect: 14, normal range choice: 35, 50, 85, 135, sports: 500)
  • 1/250 or faster Flash-sync
  • 3+ RAW shots per second
  • Off to shoot ((incl. AF)/metering) in 0,2 seconds
  • Spot/Integral lightmeter
  • Hot-Shoe for Auto-Flash, …
  • optional Smart 54+ Matrix AF system (my eyes are not getting younger)
  • priced well under 2000 EUR including a 50mm/1.4

I don’t care if it had a Monitor or not, a mini-flash, or whatever useless gadget. I’d be very happy if full-HD video at 60 f/s would be included, but it’s not required and neither do I want a compromise crap video capability.

I now use a Sigma DP2x that takes excellent pictures in daylight, requires to be tricked in low-light and can’t capture direct sun through rain well (sensor-matrix flares). The worst: it’s slow, really slow, still, after all those upgrades, and the flash and video-feature are just crap.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the size, feel, UI of the Sigma, just hate the flaws, that make this wonderful small camera not a good choice for recommendations.

Leica? LOL, I’m no hipster. The Sigma is actually better than the X1. The M9, as good as it is, it doesn’t give the asked lens choice, nor can anybody serious consider it to be worth the price, maybe 50% of it. Leica Lenses? I do not believe they’d be any better both optical and mechanical than any top-end Carl Zeiss, Canon, or Nikon lens. Just more mechanical engineering, maybe. Here I’d not spend more than 50% of their asked price. Still too expensive for me.

As a Nikonian I’d appreciate Nikon offering us a Nikon F-mount full-frame mirrorless/EVIL body based on a reduced feature-set of the new D4/D800. After their strategic decision for a Nikon 1 System they’ll never go that route, but improve the capabilities of the Nikon 1 System, instead. I can see a bright future for Nikon there, if it’s not kicked like the Kodak film-APS system off the market.

Guess I’m already off the scope customers targeted by the Marketing people. ;-)

My trusty D200 and Diva Sigma will take care of me for some more years until this transition shows where it’s heading to and the players start to offer cameras to last longer than just 2 years. Will that ever happen?

Bom dia,