CES fail


Checking the news and live streams, I’m impressed how everybody seemed to take on apple vocabulary and rumours just to sell you the android everywhere google blend-in TV crap and the most boring looking pc, tab windows I’ve ever seen previewed. And thunderbolt is dead on arrival, too. When it shows up in the shops for sale late this year (September) it’ll be an open dock port for the many peripherals attached to a thunderbolt dock box. A few external graphics cards and RAID will take advantage of it but that’s about it. Sufficient for me, but the mass market won’t care much.

Nobody got it right. And Robert Scoble on TwiT’s live-show is right, we’re tweeting, taking pix, checking websites, etc. All on our main devices, phone, tablet, whatever and not on-screen. We want to watch tv on tv and a show-specific selection on-demand regardless what station and use it with a roaming capability to my wifi, 3G, LTE tablet, phone, or ultrabook. That is what I’m happy to pay for. Apple will show us next year how it’ll work, with voice and/or eye control, showing synced interaction content on your personal device to directly interact with the show, look through relevant show data, search for more or share it with your friends. A much more seamless integrated use and natural to the current multitasking-share-society, we became.

Google will run on 50% of the new tv in your shop, but will it be used much at home? Nope.

Eye control is a future. Android google and windows 8 on anything but the phone are not. That’s feature-war with value-add stagnation again. CES fail.

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