PMA dreams


I nearly overlooked that photography part of the CES, yes, the PMA.

Fuji and Canon have spoken already, Nikon’s lifted its table only slightly, yet. What else is to come?

Let’s think about a wish list to hand-over to Photo Geeny, based on the existing rumors and capabilities.

Here’s what comes to my crazy mind:

  • Nikon D800, as rumored, below 2.500 usd, not @ 3K.
  • Nikon SP1
    • a Giugiaro designed Nikon 1 System camera with improved manual controls for serious photography,
    • w/o integrated Flash, but with Hot-Shoe, mechanical shutter, EVF, improved body design (Grip)
    • further improved firmware to address pro/amateurs picture quality requirements
    • excellent built, fast Nikkor prime lenses 1:1.4 12, 18, 32, 50, and 1:2.8 148 mm
  • Sigma DP2x Firmware to fix sensor flaws at high-iso (“banding”) and matrix flare, when shooting against sun
  • Leica X5, a full-frame EVF rangefinder with integrated 35mm lens @ 3000 USD
  • Leica mobile phone clip-on lens for iPhone 4/4S (Marketing), similar to the oloclip,
    • combined with a Leica IOS-App for sharing photography to the Leica galleries and Leica friends (and all others).

Let’s see…

Bom dia,