fruitTV, panic on the showfloor


Everybody on CES is naturally buzzing on TV, the manufacturers, the OLED people, the 4K Display people, Google TVists, Kinectists, … But all the Buzz is like they’ve got to reserve ground as much as possible before Apple enters the market, even they did not announce anything. Just based on the steve’s biography. But what he meant with “…I’ve cracked it” about TV, that’s so open. They’re just in wild panic status.

Overall they’re totally nuts. Cracking the problem is as simple as switching your brain on. What are the facts?

People want to watch TV at any time to relax, films and shows we love on-demand from whatever channel we f*ing don’t care, check the main daily news-show, the weekly sports-news-show and a few live-events (sport and big-shows) or even plug a gaming-console on it to rock the newest games single or multiplayer. Nobody wants to switch the TV on to surf, read newspapers, twitter or do any other internet-interactive thing the TV, a screen at a distance with a remote/interface to crappy to do complex stuff. Add voice or kinetic remotes to it, it won’t improve. CES shows all that crap. The highest viable interactivity on a TV is show/film choice, gaming and shopping.

Communication/Internet-based technology has very short life-cycles, shorter than TV technologies and standards, at least 3x shorter replacement periods. Integration requires TV-replacement or a modular approach. The typical proprietary extension ports the manufacturers offer are just marketing insurance ports. Always these ports remained either unused or the upgrade modules so expensive that it’s cheaper to replace the TV with a newer Generation, that includes the stuff you wanted to upgrade to. Either the extension-port goes standard as the PC ports or they’re just there to give customers a secure feeling of upgradeability when it’s actually only promising, less fulfilling.

3D doesn’t fly now, nor tomorrow, not before any holographic approach is included. People just don’t like watching their favorite film with goggles in low-rez.

Proprietary, even though Google-talk capable integrated Video-Cameras for “Google talking” or Skyping are nice tech, but a crappy mess again, as long as every manufacturer is playing his own game, again. This video/mic integration makes sense. Family communication can now be moved from a one2one phone communication to a relaxed, group-calling experience, so much more fun and nice to see. Cool for Gamers, too. But please standardize the communication protocols, so you can directly dial phones of any kind with and without video, other TVs, webcams, etc. They did promise, but nobody has really shown it on CES, as far as I’ve seen.

Good Home video stuff I’ve seen on CES was OLED, 4K and 8K Displays (up-sampled and better native resolution) and 4K video cameras.

Next post will continue with my vision of a new generation TV, I’d expect apple to show us in 2013.

Bom dia,