the nicer tele vision system


Dreaming of a nice tele vision system, I’d put it together this way.

Make contracts with all content owners that are relevant to offer a seemless experience of tele vision and meet the following commitments and services. Every content has to be available to the consumer at any time at any place the content-ownership rights are valid. Every content will have its dedicated fee, to view, share, buy (to store off-line) per device. Sharing to friends should be free X times. sharing/renting to public should have a fee for Y times or per screen-time. A database-system curates availability and service for personal on-demand, time-booked, individually planned and radio-like presentation of content. All content has to be available from day 1 of market availability (same release as cinema; a premium early bird fee is charged)

Use the worlds best TV screen not available and have it designed wonderfully simple. It will be expensive and it will last for long, thus the design should be smart and pure. Leave the very large TV stay behind, integrating neutrally into the personal interior’s living style – just waiting to be activated on-demand and shine for the period it interacts with the viewer until it steps back to present the content. I’d like to see a very large gorilla-glass-like display, not thicker than a thick glass plate covering another “plate”, actually a case, of same thickness that integrates the display technology. The technology that I expect from Apple in 2013 is 8K TV for 8.000,- USD and 4K TV for 3.000,- USD made by Sharp.

This TV screen does NOT include a receiver, but is just a plain display with its graphical processor and a thunderbolt interface board. The only additionally integrated technical function is the integrated high-resolution stereo field camera (2x iPhone 4S cam) and stereo microphone, and preferably a laser-grid detected eye-tracker to substitute fingermoves for interaction.

This wonderfully designed and flat large, but dump Glass-panel will be controlled by the new Apple iTV Generation 3 Box. This Box is available to be connected to the average HDMI TVs we use today  (with 1080p signal max), but it will slide into the thunderbolt port of the Display seamlessly, too, and run full native 4K or 8K video signal (up-sampled for lower source content resolutions). The display reserves a space as large as an iPad to either slide in the iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV, any of those to take control of the TV, streaming the on-demand shows, films, events, music directly to the Display and via AirPlay to the connected Audio Devices.

You’ll interact with the TV by talking, finger-pointing at the screen cam/mic and/or typing on the iPad BT keyboard to enter text easily. No small device gets lost, anymore and only one device required. Did I forget, that you have a finger-pointing virtual keyboard, too? Hope that may be of use, we’ll see. Let’s ask Siri.

New Apps will be developed for the IOS system, same as today, but with different resolution options: iPhone, iPad legacy, iPad new, tv1080p, tv4k, tv8k. All iPad apps run well on the large screen, multitasking allows display of the multiple applications distributed on the TV display.

Certainly you can continue using an iPad/iPhone to flip audio and video with your finger from your device to any other, here the TV (inserted AppleTV). Did you get it? Yes, no bumping like those crappy phones.

Scene – settling down:

Calling Siri, asking to play my favorite video now, and wake me up as usual.

The display will switch on and play my video in 8K up-sampled, while activating a timer of “wake-up_time – 8h sleep_time” to play some music to remember me it’s time to get in bed for sleep, and activating a wake-up alarm through the cloud on my iPhone for 7am in the morning.

I watch my video and ten minutes before it ends, an optical widget pops-up on the frame not distracting the video, but letting me know it’s time to go to bed, playing the “go to bed” music after the video and shutting off after I left the room. Next morning at 7pm Siri is waking me up “Sir, it’s time for a sunny day, today with all this crappy work you have to do.” ;-)

By the way any interactivity with content-channels and/or friends sharing can be done via your iPhone or iPad without interrupting the TV-“flow” or via an overlay-screen on the Display pointing/talking to Siri. You’ve access to your current TV-content via the IOS-native controller app, that allows you to share and gather any information to and from anywhere.

What do you think?

Bom dia,