social? WTF, it’s about commercial


Now, there you have it, facebook filed for IPO with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 1, 2012 under Reg.No. 333.

The “Zucks” can now open the gates for a more active Advertising, but they won’t. Mark’s got a bigger plan.

We’ll soon have a facebook-currency, like we already have a facebook-identity. What? You didn’t realize that you can register with your facebook-ID into nearly any new service for real, not just to connect your data for sharing?

Come-on, every kid got that already and collects the new facebook-currency by playing ad-games on the new internet – facebook.

Pretty soon, you’ll shop on facebook for real, you could even rent, lease and make any other business on facebook, without having to get off this new blue world. And, documentation inclusive, all you do, all chatting, photo taking, sharing, business-relating, it’s all on one cloud, a closed, locked-in, but pretty awsome and complete cloud, opting-out would really hurt you.

Thus, there’s a reason the EU legislation is thinking about regulating such “new worlds”, not letting it escape once again.

Unfortunately, those EUjustice people have no “cloud” of what they’re talking and regulating upon, gathering advises from our SOPA and PIPA friends out of Washington, in Washington at 19. March 2012.

Yes they’ve partly signed a new Draft, but still some countries are assessing the proposed reforms and regulations. There’s time for your active reaction of educating our representatives.

Expect the typical mix of good sensible conceptual thoughts mixed with the worst incompetence and lobbyism by Global Rights Organisations (Film, Patents, Music, Sports, …) and the an exhaustive urge for bleeding punishment of major pillars of the Internet, ISPs, Hosters, Carriers, or demanding them to provide automated take-down tools, so that any frightened rights holder can deactivate pro-actively almost anything he doesn’t like, or might not like without even properly assessing it or needing jurisdictional approval.

It hasn’t been hidden, but discussed during the past years in the parliament’s back-rooms, preparing drafts for the quickly convinced, before the message hits the streets.

Don’t get me wrong.

I like facebook and their plans. But everything good, has its negatives, that needs to be cared. A misguided EU justice should not be left alone acting without a sensible public eye on them. The Copyrights lobbyists have a much bigger purse than the multi-national ISP organisations.

Thus keep an eye on it, talk to your representative, twitter to the EU-representatives and EUjustice department. Let them know for sure, they’re watched.

I strongly believe we need a regulation to keep our contribution in our control (public or not), but as always it’s difficult to find the right sensible path, that keeps most of us happy and the platforms (social, cloud, “megaleaks”) open.

– it’s our data, our life, our money that we invest –

facebook and rights-owners can participate and take their share, but should not rule on us.

Bom dia,