I’m stuck in thoughts about selecting a very personal tool for the next years. My Nikon D200 is a trusty tool, but you feel the sensor’s age now. My Sigma DP2x doesn’t offer the all-round flexibility due to the crappy Foveon sensor and crappy Camera Firmware (banding noise, slow and messy AF, slow storage).

As quickly as I can decide on what phone, computer, and other stuff to use, I still don’t feel comfortable enough to pick the right photographic tool that allows me to:

  • re-focus on the creativity, taking pictures
  • trust its solidity of manufacture
  • have a full-size 35mm tool-quality feel
  • take it with me on most activity to just take a picture when I feel to
  • flexibly choose a lens for the planned purpose
  • switch between AF and MF, as my eyes get older
  • photograph people without frightening them
  • pay for it as a hobbyist that can but doesn’t like to throw out all cash

The market lists me:

  • Leica M-family, no AF
  • Leica X1, too expensive for a fixed lens camera, APS-C
  • Fuji X100, too techie UI to concentrate on photography, APS-C
  • Fuji X1pro, hmmm, quiet expensive and as improved APS-C, maybe
  • Canon DSLR, well I’m kinda Nikon guy, but if Nikon screws, hmmm
  • Olympus m43, just too small sensor, else, valid
  • Panasonic m43, see Olympus, liked the Oly-colours in exemplary pictures better.
  • Pentax K, see Canon, will check the new K-01, missing EVF or flexible Monitor
  • Sony, no, no Sony.
  • Sigma, no, no more Sigma.
  • Ricoh, if I was looking for a PS, the GRD, but I’m not.
  • Ricoh GXR, nice concept, but a compromise, standard quality APS-C
  • Nikon D5100, very good APS-C, but techie UI
  • Nikon D7000, better APS-C, hmmm, maybe, like
  • Nikon D800, crazy high price expected, like, but ufff.
  • Nikon D700, yeah maybe, not cheap, used, like.
  • Nikon D400, may cost as much as a used D700, like but wait

The options I can see:

  • Fuji X-1 pro for 2300EUR (including 1x lens, pricy)
  • Nikon D7000 for 900EUR (body, used)
  • Nikon D800 for 3200EUR (body, pricy)
  • Nikon D700 for 2000EUR (body, new)
  • Nikon D400 for 1700EUR (body, expected avail Jun12)
  • Nikon D5100 for 600EUR (body, new)

Let me recap a dream, “imagine”:

  • Leica M9-type camera with AF at half the price
  • Nikon D700 mirror-less with EVF
  • Fuji X-1 pro full-frame at current Crop-sensor price

useless, won’t happen.

It seems that with the current development of the sensors (high-iso), firmware and CPU (fast), camera pricing (high), the integration of photography with video, the best option to go would be a Nikon D5100 with a superb ultra-wide-angle lens and an excellent external mic.

And for Canon fans, the 600D would be a similar suggested choice.

Bom dia,



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