o business das sardinhas


a little anecdote (not real, thus the names are just placeholders) for you, that’s not new, but we seem to forget too often…

the old portuguese sardines-fisher
António said to his son: José, it’s time, you’ve got to marry, a girl I’ve found for you.
José: No, I won’t do that.
António: The girl is our president Cavaco’s daughter.
José: Oh, hmm, then – yes.
António goes to President Cavaco: I want your daughter to marry my son.
President Cavaco: No way.
António: But he’s the CEO of the SONAE group.
President Cavaco: Oh, that’s a different thing. Of course.
António goes to Belmiro de Azevedo, chairman of Sonae Group: You have to make my son your CEO.
Bd Azevedo: NO!
António: But he’s the son-in-law of our President Cavaco.
Bd Azevedo: Ok, yes.

That’s how Business is done today. Especially when it comes to share-holding companies that have to outgrow themselves once a year, recursively proving their capabilities with a promise for the next year. Good stuff gets overrun by the sheer greed of our fellow politics and businessmen.

Bubble-Gum Biz!

Bom dia,