Forums are discussing how badly Fuji hurts and fight Leica in their market. Claiming Leica is old, slow, and dump. Asking for Fuji-lookalikes, etc.

What a nonsense!

Leica has a creative mindset and creative engineers.
But Leica has nothing to prove, too.
As they’re building their new facility, got a new investor in place, they’re clearly preparing for something big. That’s been confirmed already as a lot of other information about the future has been confirmed.
But, they’ve proved by not following the market creatively, they win, they won historically with the 35mm Leica in the early days, lately with the X1. They still win with the M9 and they win with the S2. The MP and M7 still sell, too. No need to change that.

Photokina is an event I believe they’re strongly preparing for – to disappoint the forum people and to astonish their clients.

First I want to thank Leica for continuing production in Portugal, those people need that kind of committment as they’re going through a tough period of financial crisis and job-destruction now, to rebuild the country. Thank you Leica for that ongoing committment to those people. They’ve been the production backbone for the past camera generations and the new success and have done an excellent job as we can see from the many happy customers.

Second I do not expect Leica to touch the M9 more than necessary – a new Sensor here, a CPU update there and a better display should do it.

Third, I am sure Leica knows that the X1 has surpassed it’s peak life-time and is happy to give room for a new line of cameras. Now that the m4/3 systems reached a quality of decent results, I bet Leica is planning to offer a “low-end” System of m4/3 Camera bodies (black, silver, titan) with Video, Life-View and EVF instead of a real rangefinder made by Leica above 2500 USD. Sensor and Software basics coming from Panasonic, but it’ll be all Leica-made Hardware, not a Panasonic-copy. It will have the Leica-option to mount M-lenses and the Hard/Software will accommodate that in a special way. This is the System to grow Photographers and Leica-lovers into the M-Lens family growing them into the final M-System after a few years of experience.

Fourth, I expect, too, the S2 to receive an update to be competitive at a “Leica-Level” against the most recent Phase One Developments, keeping it high enough, not to fear the cheaper mid-format 645 cameras market war. Similar to the M9, Sensor + CPU + Software would do it I assume.

I am invested in japanese Quality, as I can’t afford a Leica and as I want to have high-end AF, but admire what Leica’s current Management has achieved and is up to. Promising, at least, I must say.

This photokina I’ll be there…

Bom dia,