Surfacial iPad


I’ve been watching the iPad for some time now, loved to have it, matured, bought the retina version, used it, and get the feeling of a nicely made useless gadget toy. Aside from video, audio and modern communication not a single bit more useful than a Newton.
If I had paid for it, instead of exchanging a bunch of bonus-points from my employer I’d had it on eBay already.

I use an iPhone 4, that impresses me still every day with what you can do with the little device you’re able to carry around small and easy.

But he iPad revolution is none, it’s basically an evolved Newton based on an iPhone. As useful/-less as the old clunky device.

It adds for the entertainment lovers, but near to nothing for productivity. Yes, the display is larger, good for home/travel reading of presentations, manuals, training documents, and minor annotations.

But professional productive document creation, photo and video working, coding, creative drafting, notes taking, sketching has it’s early barriers hard to overcome and at the same time killing the flow of creativity.

This device is too expensive to stay at this level. I want iOS development tools, keyboard and pen integration, a faster CPU for photo raw and video work, a better integrated stand, and SM card reader.

Steve, you got this wrong!

The iPad clearly was designed as a consumption device.
The kindle fire and the new nexus show the Market for consumption devices and Microsofts surface shows the level for productive tablet devices.

Fix it please apple, give us more professional apps and tools to use on the iPad.

I don’t buy tools for an iPad that doesn’t have professional apps aside some intelligent notepad like evernote.

Bom dia,