Travel plan?

I’m planning to travel oversees for a guru meditation and hiking vacation in some Asian woods, over lakes and some short motorcycle riding, too.
Going on that trip with some friends experienced in that country.

It’s my first time in Asia.

Beyond all the Visa, vaccine, clothing, shoe stuff I’d need to take some tools with me. Oh, sure no battery reliance below 1 week.

My friends told me: Pack light, and compact, use batteries only for equipment that can run without charging for a few days minimum.

I think all that can’t get into water needs a watertight enclosure. Photo and Film, Kindle and Mobile, Paper and pen, Documents.

What else? Shoes, never take the wrong shoes where you share the pavement with snakes, water, worms, Miskitos, and any other satanas’ family member. Meindl pioneer boots walk you to the end of the world.

Trousers? Yeah, get something strong, light, and most important – long. All other commodity clothes you better buy cheap locally, well, yes, going half-naked through the security check on sandals was the plan.

There’s water in abundance from all directions, at least use it and take a shower, the sun will dry you quickly, anyhow.

The natural GPS is a compass, wow, our first gadget!
Next, a watch? Take your phone, stupid.
Phone? Outdoor Samsung, at minimum, battery stamina included.
Entertainment? Be creative: paint, write, think, and read a book, on a basic kindle. Tataaa gadget No. 2!
To finalize gadgetry. Take a photo with you, not huge, but still top shot – e.g. Fuji x e1? 28mm lens. YEAH!

Some survival tools, knife, Miskito net, led lamp, waterdiveable bags for stuff including me (yes it rains).

Looking forward to a touristic beach vacation at a Chinese hotel.

Ehm, not quiet.

Bom dia,

P.S. don’t worry if the above doesn’t make sense. It’s a cultural question.