Apple sucks..more


I’m back from my Southeast Asia trip and looking forward to check out what uncle ballmer has promised to give us.
My old desktop pc is running low on CPU and grafix power, so it’s time to get a main system replacement.
I’m not looking for a toy:
– ivy bridge power (i5/7 quad core)
– 2GB graphics adapter of gaming category
– some fast RAM and hard disk (flash)
– and a modern post pc operating system
– sRGB matching full HD screen, touch, yes

Oh la la. What do I see, fatbooks and shiny me2airflatties at the expense of the original?
Win8 hardware does not suck, as its still not here and the scarface pro promised for jan 2013 won’t change anything on that, being a low performing fat tablet at uncompetitive price.

Now lets look at apple….
Do I really have to embrace an 2005 style OS? Hello?
Did anybody from the apple desktop team went to work since then? Yes new cases I have seen, but the OS is still basically the same old story.

Apple now runs 2 old fashioned operating systems. Microsoft being the only one, showing that a new approach to desktop operation is mandatory to survive, but easy to break your neck on, too.

Why is apple thinking by talking about TV and iTunes, they could ignore fixing the desktop OS for a post-PC time?

Am I too old school, expecting devices that embrace touch technology perfectly, while being a mobile replacement for a power desktop PC?

What a crap – have to stick to my current system until one of those bozo companies get their act together.

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