Why I love the Apple iPhone


Have you seen this? http://www.apple.com/iphone/

LOL, why we love the iPhone. Apple seems to know.
Looks like they don’t.

Why do I love it?

1. Because I was prepared for it long time ago, as an Apple Newton, R.I.P. user (130MP, 2100MP) and Steve Jobs hater for killing it.

2. Because it delivered on the promise to make all that was great on the Newton, better, nicer, more compact and tied into a well-balanced eco-system with a bunch of very useful applications.

3. Because it’s the only platform that further developed itself to an overall satisfying, still balanced and reliable catalogue of services within a very compact non-obtrusive device, that I can carry with me and that provided me with the least trouble any PC, Phone or PDA has ever managed to do.

4. It’s my electronic swiss knife, even for weeks in a jungle.

5. I never felt that any update/switch of it with a newer or other Smartphone line would be improving it by much. The superficial freedom of android is traded with frustration by cluttered interface, low-grade hardware-chassis and crappy apps.

6. I got it as a long-term loan.

7. It takes surprisingly beautiful pictures, in occasions I don’t have my 2 Kg camera equipment with me.

The iPhone 4 is all I need    – and “own”.

Now compare…

Bom Dia,

P.S.: Do I feel different about the iPad? Somehow. I remain a windows person for real work devices. Metro is the future.