moving to the cloud #1


I’ll move my stuff into the cloud. Yes, I’m fed up messing around with storage. Daily tlc’ing my harddisk to be friendly and not loose mail-data of the past decades. Yes, I’m a non-deleter. This has to stop.
Photos are the new mail, eating up storage as fast as you can get blind by watching solar eclipses 24h per day. Stopping this, is key, too.

Unfortunately most cloud offers are run by US driven companies or on US servers, some by larger corporations who have excellent Expertise, most crappily thrown together and full of bugs, hardly well supported. Hello Apple. Hello local former Hosting specialists, basically Linux fraggles, and text adventure Gurus.
Most important, they give a crap on international local law and regulations. The US – EU safe Harbour crap is an empty shell that opens all European stored Information to any US authority without due process, whatever they claim, be sure of that.

By the way, I’m no specialist, lawyer, anybody professional in that area, other than a professional in using his gutfeel (and methods in my job) to detect, flag and solve issues in tech, Service delivery, tax, regulation, and many other Areas that are important to digest before taking the step of selling a service to any of our enterprise customers in my professional life. This here is a private subjective throw-together of some thoughts between now and then. Please don’t confuse this with any professional approach. I don’t take any responsibility to whatever happens to you based on any Statement above, below and in any following post of this series. You’ve got to take your own responsibility here.

Now, let’s get our Hands dirty… ;-)

What to do?

0) System requirements
1) secure passwords, keys, codes
2) Move off mail
3) secure official docs
4) secure important informal docs
5) store photo albums for sharing
6) store photo originals
7) store Videos you created
8) what to do with TV, cinema Pictures?
9) what applications to use?
10) Games? hey I love my PC games!!!
11) save all that crap you have and think to Keep actively
12) delete all that crap that is so nastily old or useless weight on your cloud-account or harddisks
13) no comment on #13
14) what I would do, as a Small Business runner

I’ll be posting my thoughts on each of the points in the next posts, happy to add more steps to the list as they come to my mind or screen, provided you have suggestions.

bom dia,
p.s. this is the second post. WordPress’ new UI made it easy to loose 50% of the original post, by asking to show it in fullscreen mode. WP, thanks.