moving to the cloud #4 mail


wow, wasn’t that easy to move mail from Thunderbird to the cloud and convert all the contacts accordingly.
All software seemed to hate me opposing with bugs, mis-explanations, different ways of .csv formatting.
But it works.

Re post #3 prerequisites: disconnecting usernames and feedback mails of accounts from your average communication mails and from each other.
A big and complex effort, but basically simply done by:

  1.  registering a new domain (cryptic name, You can use a password generator) with a mid-size ISP.
  2. creating 100+ cryptic mail-adress-aliases with a password generator and forwarding to the main adress, the only one with a ADMIN-mailbox to check via webmail, or SSL-IMAP only.
  3. All those companies and services will get such a unique mail-alias assigned to provide feedback or as their User-ID. Those will not be able to use it to break into any other service, nor the core ADMIN-mailbox.

delete all remaining domain-mailboxes you had dusting around, only collecting spam, but no real interesting mail-communication.
Select your important social communication mailboxes and re-adress them forwarding directly to your cloud mail. In my case, but you could use gmail, or any other, you like. I prefer and gmail, but decided for microsoft, for personal subjective reason (against obvious complexity based on Microsoft’s multiple incompatible and buggy outlook, mail, contacts, people, address capabilities).

Now send out all your mail with your prefered mail-adress (cloud-mail, or forwarded mail, at your taste).
Daily/Weekly check your Admin-Mailbox via Webmail or SSL-IMAP. Don’t mix, don’t combine, don’t consolidate, keep it separate.

Keep both mailboxes as empty as possible, constantly. All stored data is free to be scanned by anybody who may get access to this insecure environment.
All you really need, please store away:

  • passcodes for online-services to online lastpass, 1pass vaults
  • admin-passcodes, bitcoins, to local passwordsafe or keypass vault inside an truecrypt folder embedded in a cloud-synced-folder to SkyDrive or Google Drive.
  • invoices to truecrypt folder embedded in a cloud-synced-folder to SkyDrive or Google Drive.
  • messages, notes to simple encrypted notes folder/app (evernote, dropbox, …)

You only need to use 3 passphrases in your secure IT environment:

  • online
    for i.e. lastpass, online encrypted password vault, includes basic-level encrypted notes in i.e. evernote, dropbox, …
  • crypt
    for i.e. truecrypt, local encrypted folder, for banking-data, invoices, contracts, …
  • admin
    for i.e. password safe, local encrypted password vault, for key admin codes, only.

I get less spam, now, fun and admin is clearly separated, using the millions of portals and services is easy on desktop and mobile web browser, all notes are at one place, tagged, sortable, seekable and secure enough. admin info is stored away in well forged vaults, admin separate from services.

Bom dia.