Leica “mini” M


Leica introducing a new M next month….

What could it be?

Leica Mini vs. Micro >> Not a Leica X2 with or without a Zoom Lens.
Leica Mini vs. M >> Not a full-frame below Leica M-E.
Leica Mini vs. Panasonic >> Not a Panasonic copy cat.
Leica Mini >>

My view:

APS-C or M4/3 sensor with M-bajonett, video and optional EVF. Like a Olympus “Pen” but made by Leica for Leica lenses.
Why? In the End they have to sell Lenses, Leica Lenses and introduce more Leica-fans into the High-End M System, by letting them start with a small Leica, competing stronger against Fuji, not on price, but with a High Quality Brand.

The current M4/3 sensor of Panasonic would be enough… Leica-Panasonic produced Lenses with M-Bajonett, allowing Fullframe M-lenses to be used could be a winner. M4/3 has a superior quality today. Even better with great lenses, from Leica.

Yes, I’d like it to be full-frame, but we have that already: The Leica M-E is the entry-point to full-frame Leica camera set.

Bom dia,