the next gadget?


Everybody is looking for the next gadget, the next shopping experience, the next …

I’m pretty satisfied with the bunch of gadgets, to a level that I think to myself, what should I sell, as I don’t have time to use it.
Well all of them have their usage area, criteria. So they might stay.

What’s the next Phone? A phone that would interest me exchanging the iPhone 4 for?
I’d like to see a small phone, like the iPhone 4, a bit lighter, but stronger in Battery life (2-3x). It should have a OS as clean as iOS, but with a modernized long-term design. All relevant Apps integrated (single-log-in with 2-factor, not multi-authorization in App, Browser, …). A camera with perfect lense, ultra-resolution and extra leapfrog firmware that extracts wide-angle or tele view from it, like Nokia 808, and fixes color and other bugs. It should talk and alert by Siri, Google Now+Voice, whatever, but cross-eco-system and safely store stats gathered into my private closed cloud. Advertisers should pay for my data directly, % to go to eco-system provider. I want correct maps, not just correct in SF or NJ, *=)(§”#* You! Please keep batteries exchangeable and Memory upgreadable, do not use plastic covers, if it costs more than 200 usd non-contracted.

What’s the next camera? A camera that would open new capabilities to research and experiment with?
Interesting would be to see the light-stream technology being used in High-Resolution Sensor – Lense combinations, allowing to focus and extract/crop the picture at still “full-size” 12MP+ out of the RAW-format data, while having it automatically be uploaded to your picture storage at G+, fb, Flickr, … No rear-view Screen necessary; just a electronic viewfinder.

What’s the next AV system? Well that’s not a question anymore, as that market has not evolved at all in quality, other than screen resolution or quality reduction by compression. I’m done here with my analog audio system, the digital option and a well resolving plasma, already capable of more than any cable, satellite provides today.

Bom dia,