disconnect me


should we all disconnect?

US spying on German Government and Business, because it’s the biggest and one driver in Europe.
US demanding all mobile connectivity data from German Intelligence.
UK spying on European members and jointly with the US on European Government.
US filtering all data being being transferred through the Internet peering points. As most services are run by or on US providers….
German intelligence supporting US in illegal terrorist transfers and interrogation, as UK and many others.

Think about it – should we disconnect all? Just for 1 month, completely delete all accounts and after a while, if we like to come back – select what service we really want to use?
What services are clean, honest, political and humanly correct, sustainable by our mother earth, the  society, bring freedom of choice and communication without negatives…?
Are we going to leave – to let them spy and terror (who are who, are they not both the same kind?) win? Do they win this?

Think  about it – should we disconnect – can we?
Obama was right in one little thing – “Yes we can.”

What’s the benefit? It’ll be a shock to all political systems, but it’ll be a shock to all businesses, too, that are dependent from online communications.
Yes, a shock, but not only the weakest will die, the biggest systems cannot survive one business-less month, too. Imagine Amazon with 1 month of no business, ebay, paypal, google without ads-revenue, …
Yes, we can, because all we need is there for 1 month.

Then carefully demanding immediate stop and change of the political systems? A digital social revolution? Yes, we can too.
We must show that we can stand together, kicking their butts, peacefully, but definitely.

Yes, we want to share our moments to public, but we want to be able to have the control of what, when, where, and when to revoke/update access rights, whether we specifically exchange our data for free services or demand our data to be paid and the depth-level of that agreement.
We cannot really today.

Yes, we want government to give us safety, to let us feel secure, but to strictly obey the rules of human privacy respects.
They bluntly don’t and hunt you down with a smile.
Today, the banks are too big, and the governments to strong and both too much tied together. Occupy, no!
Take your money of your banks. And hand that personally over to just another bank down the street. Within the same hour.

It’s not about killing the system. It’s about a statement!

Yes, we can!

1) disconnect for 1 month
2) transfer in cash your money from one bank to another

Ask for RESPECT by the Systems!

Bom dia.