moving to the cloud?? no more


moving to the cloud, yeah, well, the series is stopped.

After all that very common habit of capturing all our data from all and everywhere by almost every intelligence agency, there’s no real place to upload any of your personal data to the cloud.

Does it mean we’d stop using online services? Well, it’s up to you. I believe a classic mix of both online (current sharings, mail-exchange), offline (backup, accounting data, business data, …) and encrypted (evernote, dropbox, …) use at your choice is the best, today.

I still used the common mix of small ISP operated admin-mail accounts, encrypted offline data-backup and key-documents storage, public mail service for common e-mail, optionally encrypted. No provider will get big data (photos, video, all other data) from me without encryption, easy access and instant purge functionality. Flickr as a photo backup is useless, it’s tough to upload in 200-500 photo-blocks sequences and tough to delete in the same block size. Seems flickr or our browser can’t handle more at once without crashing. Delete/purge 10K photos instantly? Nope, ain’t gonna work.

I whish Evernote would support encryption of all data, not just text and a Photo-storage/-service provider such as Adobe would offer an encrypted RAW-backup and Editing ecosystem.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Bom Dia,