photo panic


Panic @ Nikon, bad results @ Olympus, Fuji killing more film-lines, overall sales down 30-40% …
So what’s up? Is m4/3 killing the DSLR, Digital finally killing film, Smartphones killing Point&Shoot, Google Glass killing GoPro, Virtual Reality with Google Now killing everybody?

What we don’t want:
Nikon: we don’t want bulky and/or expensive cameras, that need a computer because we don’t understand them.

Olympus: we don’t want tiny copies of what Nikon sells, that in fact are not that tiny as you promised, but as complex and partly even more expensive

Sony: we don’t need really tiny cameras with more complexity at an even higher price

Google: we don’t want to shower with Robert Scoble just to wear an ugly glass, that spies on us

Vine: we don’t want to have to watch all your crap, just to get the one good scene.

We want:

Memories, funny and happy, jokingly, crazy, angry memories of the moments we went through and want to share. Moments that tell a story to anybody we like it to watch it.

Short and funny with a clear message, longer ones with music or (mono-)dialogues telling a story or documenting phases, happenings in life, others artistic to express our feelings. And we want to have it with us, any time, any where, quick in access, best compromise in speed and quality, no compromise in sharing.

Leica talks about the decisive moment
Nokia talks about the best low light quality
Apple talks about the best camera in a jewel-case
Samsung glues together what doesn’t work
Sony never stopped doing that
Nikon copies Samsung, Sony, Canon cluelessly
Google innovates in beta, never creating a product
Instagram fights for monopoly

Here we are, all for them, none for the users.

I wished we had a beautifully designed Smartphone with Apple’s apps and Lumia technology.

As a dedicated camera I wished we’d concentrate back to the basics, a full-format fixed lens 35 mm camera with a 21 superwide extension and a sensor/firmware combination that allows for similar crop-tele adjustments and sharing, as the Apple/Lumia setup described before, at a quality of a Leica M or Nikon D800. With a large optical viewfinder. All manual setup with aperture, shutter, iso, wb priorities, only and a basic feature/sharing setup screen. Our main communication screen is our phone, anyway.

Professional photographers for sport or similar will find their niche products.

Ah, film, yeah, well there’ll be 2-3 films for nostalgic creative use around for a long time.

Bom dia,