myiOS seven


I’m fed up with the current rage of the tech press and bloggers. Week for week they play the ball how bad, ugly, slow, and annoying with new app-costs the experience of an iOS 7 upgrade will be to you.


I’ve Upgraded iPad 3 and iPhone 4.

The grey areas are not nice, so I added some color background, candy now, big time. Fonts are fine.

The many apps that needed upgrade, I upgraded before, only few came in after the iOS upgrade. The very most work fine, you’ll experience additional time in loading to recover or re-arrange the app’s database. Once that is done it works as fast and nice as before, just with more gimmicks, like the zoom-effect, the OS-GUI adds.

Some apps have not been updated and obviously a good portion of them will break. We need some patience or alternatives here, easy to find on the app-store. 

Feature-details pro and con, you’ll find out easily yourself.

I like it!

Bom dia.