some thoughts today, suggestions, from a non paranoid and non-hiding person:
Use all systems you like for non-private activity. Consider all this information as public. Live public.

  • any cloud is to be considered public, even encrypted clouds

And live private as well…
Trust no one (TNO), as mentioned before and use:

  1. commonly used open source tools and libs
  2. consider all other to be open to misuse by companies, advertisers, agencies of all kind
  3. old, boring, complex, but the _only_ way to go:
  • PGP (mail)
  • TrueCrypt (file)
  • PasswordSafe (password)
  • OTR (chat)
  • for comfort, use at your own risk: 1password and lastpass

I tested the above and can say, all of those are available on Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux/BSD/Unix Systems.
You have to digg into it a while, test it out for you and convince your most important peers to join using them. Once it’s setup it’s pretty easy to use.

Additionally you could:

add basic identity safety via VPN

for the paranoid:

  • disconnect/switch-off the microphone from your online-system and turn your webcam away (or cover it). Switch all back on only for active use periods
  • store, view, edit private files with an air-gap to the net; tape, disk, stick not connected to your online-system/network (offline); offline PC inside a metal cage/walls
  • refresh your online PC/System constantly, best every day
  • best way, use a CD-ROM Live System and restart the system frequently; use open source router firmware and refresh the router fw frequently, Routers are “computers”
  • use open source printer firmware for “online”-printers and refresh the printer fw frequently, Printers are “computers”

For paranoid situations:

  • Have lots of Cash available
  • spare Passport & Papers
  • a small day-/toilet-bag for minimalist travel (no electronics, but pen, paper, solar-LED lamp, and a lighter)
  • don’t drive cars, unless w/o emergency call, navigation service/features even inactive (best: pre 1990 models)

Bom dia.