you might think I rant a lot and give no concrete advise?

That’s on purpose. the mob wants you to confirm their thoughts. not with me, unless for fun.

back to cameras, concrete:

  • no money: ask for one (lend, gift)
  • family, baby, kids: the fastest and most compact and automatic jpg machine around for your budget, i.e. Nikon J1, iPhone 5S
  • learn: Nikon D50 or newer, Canon 450D or newer, or similar from Pentax, or Sony and use it, learn from the better near you and try.
  • experienced: buy what ya need, not what ya read, nor what ya like, go and hike and make yours pride
  • earn your money, starter: take what you have, it made You, add with your first money what you need to make more money, learn more to make more
  • earn your money, pro: who am I to say something? Your job will dictate. Buy less, rent more.
  • artful hat and bag carrier: get serious and find above.
  • transcendental photographer: no, better not, you might find reality

Bom dia,