good leben


wow, so much waste and pollution we generate, tech geeks we are, social as we are, even more than our parent generation. Yes, nowadays manufacturers hide it behind bio, eco, organical and whatever label they can. On the other hand, we like to use all that new tech crap and keep our old pollute-crap and add more stuff to it to keep us happy.

What can we do? Switch off the lights, cycle on weekends to the bakery. Buy local at our next organical market?

Crap, that won’t help at all. It let us feel better, but we’ve added so much electronics to our home, added so many USV cars to our garage, and drive all the way to all these eco-friendly markets distributed around town, it just makes all worse, while having the effort to make us feel better.

Think about it, ignore all labels that the industry of social marketing put on their products. It’s all a lie! Use your head. It’s a really awful complicated and uneasy process, but you’ve got to start it.

I’m not telling you what you’ve got to do. Only I want to give an conceptual idea, old idea, in fact very old.

every product and it’s use the way you’d respect your grandma, or her, working hard for you. You don’t bullshit, abuse, dispose, …, ignore her, right? She’s there for You, be there for Her.

Feel safe and happy and free.

Bom dia,