Gadget shopping season?


approaching family season often means shopping season…

When it comes to personal IT, communication or artsy device, there’s not much you can go wrong with, if you’re making up your mind a little bit and shop thoughtful.

This season:

  • a smartphone is commodity (as long as you take a 4.2 or later Android device, a Windows 8 Phone or any Apple iPhone)
  • a digital camera is commodity (as long as you take a 2010 or later camera of the 5 biggest manufacturers with a sensor of 1″ size or larger and take the lens that most comforts your target use, any does, some better)
  • a consumption tablet is commodity (as long as you’re into reading, watching, surfing, mailing with Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle FX/Fire, Apple iPad, or even Microsoft Surface2 device).
  • a productive tablet is an oximoron today, still (best productivity is with iPad 3 or later or Microsoft Surface2)
  • productivity is commodity on a PC (forget all-in-one systems other than Apple’s iMac and concentrate on Microsoft Surface Pro, Acer Aspire S7, Lenovo Yoga and Yoga2, or Apple’s MacBook series)

I’m not going into pro’s and con’s on any of those beyond above, as it’s all a matter of your experience, supportability, taste and money, thus making it a very personal decision by any means. Just be aware, as Microsoft’s Marketing is a bit intransparent here: Any Microsoft Windows RT running device (typically in the netbook pricing area of a few hundred bucks) does not support at all any classic desktop application, even having MS Office pre-installed; it’s a special but complete version for Windows RT. And, it’ll never run those known desktop applications you’re used from earlier Windows versions.

By the way, Gamers, best build their own hardware or use existing consoles.

Have fun, spending your cash.

less is more

Bom Dia,