live public and trust the maths


what crazy times we’re in Obamacare ensures NSA running mass data collection, and jumping the gun with Backdoors into Microsoft, RSA and who else.

New side-entries are discovered using classic technologies, as with snooping the number-crunching of GPG/PGP-RSA with sensitive microphones or using wave-radio technology to jump malware from system to system…

The Internet as we know it is dead, broken. We know it and our businesses know it, the ones you work for and keep asking what their opinion is on the current situation, only getting time-gathering responses like “we work according the regulations of the countries we operate in”. Ha, how if they contradict? Crap!

I love how RFPs are getting more and more sensible about that, increasing privacy requirements and encryption to be implemented in all levels of customer data use, transport and exchange. Unfortunately it’s against the rules of most of the countries of this planet. Why?

We’re an obviously curious species.

What to do?

  • Trust yourself and only yourself.
  • Make a personal communications plan to visualize who’s in your private communication cloud and who in your “known, but untrusted, thus same level as anybody else – public communications cloud
  • Do not disclose, make any differentiation in your communications network. Do not allow others to understand who are family, friends, team-members, partners or generic people you’ve friended. They’d be listed equal.
  • Use different  UIDs/personalities on different platforms.
  • Differentiate between public and very private information
  • At least for your private data, use open source encryption and run it on a disconnected, at least local systems. Do NOT use encryption and decryption on remote systems, never, ever, unless your data is considered public level quality. You never know what is sensing the encrypt/decrypt execution on such remote location.
  • Raise the effort&cost side of the data mass collection balance against any organisation including the biggest – the NSA.
  • Annoy your Regulatory and Security team at work constantly to increase transparency on governmental tap-requests and security measures in favor of your customers

Good luck.

Bom dia.