gadget outlook


All the wonderful presents have been opened and got some usage by today.

Looking out into 2014, what are the developments we’ll be seing, from my personal subjective perspective?

security and privacy
2014 you’ll realize, that obfuscation is the new privacy. Public policies and regulation will ensure you’ll be less informed on the “secret activities” of the agencies. They’re prepared now. On the social side: Public posting is your proof of existance. Social trust is based on proven public existance. You’ll have to choose how public you’ll be with your most private parts* (readings: jeff jarvis – public parts).

mobile devices
64-bit and a mobile processing unit is the technical core of what’s coming. Car/public-transport-navigation, Health-sensoric integration, Home-automation, are the key areas you’ll see as Generation 1.0 products in 2014.

In 2014 we’ll see who’ll be setting the sensor-based services standards, who’ll lead as the eco-system of “connected things V1.0” with a set of apps and sensors covering all relevant areas.

I bet on Apple Mobile (iPhone M).

DSLRs are dead! We heard that, and I still believe strongly, this is absolute nonsense. NYT-Reuters today said only Canon, Nikon, Sony will survive. Really?

2014 will show us consistency with Fuji (X 1″/APS-C), Nikon (DSLR, 1), Canon (E-M), a alpha-line built-out and improvements with Sony and cheap me-too knock-offs from their excellent 2013 top-of-the-line products at Olympus and Panasonic. The game is set until the exhibition photokina in September where the manufacturers may stirr the rumours for their 2015 line-up strategies.

Mobile phone photography, -video and -action cam usage will increase and take the remaining breath out of low-end amateur cameras. Excellent examples can be found in the iPhone 4&5, Lumia (MS WP8) and Sony Z (Android) series.

New focus
home-automation and health-sensoric, smart navigation, mobility markets will run the product-news in 2014.

Bom dia.