bigger and bigger


Bigger and bigger they pump your head up in demanding you to by the newest phone, again, and again, wether you like it or not, just create enough pressure so you buy one of them.

Apple is selling:

  • a) a smartphone
  • b) an apple-owned ecosystem (media, cloud)
  • c) a new ecosystem (pay)
  • d) a new ecosystem (wear)

and gives you with that a paid upfront with a-d) updated OS.

While a) is subject to your taste and b) is available to your choice, both are available, useable and excellent products, but over 60% of the price for the new devices will go in selling you the other dreams of apple marketing:

  • c) is a promise at its infancy, taking years to be globally implemented
  • d) is a promise at its conceptual state, taking decades to be globally implemented, beyond a pure notification screen and basic fitness tracker.

As the iPhone 5S was a promise for security in the cloud (not there yet), high-speed 64bit (not necessary, today) and parallel mobility applications (not envisioned yet), so is the iPhone 6 and 6plus nothing but interim devices until c) or d) really cranks on and creates benefits.

Keeping on track with the OS made available just means to get to the iPhone 4S/5/5C level, you can safely ignore the rest, unless you feel better with thump-login.

Make your own decision, don’t follow anyone elses, lesser if pressured by the “system of demand creation”.

Bom dia,