Innovation – done


the industry has roled their dices.

innovation has been promoted now for the latest products:

  • gold
  • 2nd core mobile CPU
  • smartest watch since CASIO
  • phones bigger than your palm
  • tablet get thinner
  • heart-rate monitor hardware
  • 4K Screens

I’m impressed.

The effects:

  • Palm-size Smartphones get replaced with Smartwatches that require a Phablet in your purse
  • Tablets will never be a professional productivity work platform, even though the speed and technology is there.
  • The big PC brands can now restart selling laptops, instead of quirky tablaptops
  • Desktops are back, attractive as never before thx to 4K

What? We have to switch from our small smartphones to phablets and smartwatches? From powerful tablets to Laptops, or even Desktops? That sounds like a Windows 10 strategy – all old is just new, newer actually.

I call this renovation, not innovation; or misleading evolution on purpose.

The next step is not innovation, but fashion, we’ve been in a mixed phase, already but the strategies and products will focus on fashion-sale strategies much more clearly.

A tool is a tool. There are some nice tools, here and there, too.

Make a choice, your choice.

Bom dia,