upgrade syndrome


for a while i’m bugged thinking about upgrades of my tools, gadgets, systems, or consolidating them to a few or even one device, liking some of the new toys presented, that again would push me too much into multi-spending big amounts of cash into toys I don’t need.

I bet many have similar circles of thoughts, when other more important tasks are sorted. Yeah it’s a luxury to have these stupid problems, you’re right.

On the other side everybody keeps asking me what I’d suggest to do…

People have different priorities: “all apple”, “cheap”, “battery life”, “hate apple”, “fitnut”, “watch this”, “watch that”…

The trends I am seeing are clear:

a) the PC industry is trying to get back into the game, after loosing so much into tablets.

b) Hardware Brands who want to keep their margin, they all have gone fashion and ask ridiculous up-charges for it.

c) A smartphone is a commodity for over a year now, no relevant innovation happens here. We see new UI and new colours. We know by now how good a tiny camera can get and how good enough the average tiny camera is.

d) The eco-systems got commodity now, too – free storage space, AV-streaming, wireless pay, free cloud-office-apps and voice-angels talking to you available everywhere.

e) While Microsoft will continue trying to keep up with Android and iOS, they focus on the low and mid mobile market, clearly. Blackberry is done, still, no comeback planned, trying to find a business-niche.

f) Tablets are kind of dead, they just don’t get enough usage beyond consumption of media. productivity apps on the high-end iOS devices and the new high-speed hardware show that more could be done with those, but that’s limited on purpose. User-experience is the argument, panic, that light Macs would dry out quickly is the fear. The technology is here.

g) The industry now declares the Smartwatch to be the new digital swiss-knife, no, not your Smartphone, that takes now the middle-ground between phone and tablet for real everywhere – phablet, killing all tablet need for once, while creating a new hip market to sell stuff into you.

h) Smartwatch the new holy market. I can see you working-out, sweating all over your brand new digital rosegold device, that needs to communicate to your Smartphone to get a real cloud-communication going – live – and provide you – live again – all necessary statistics. Yes, it might be sort of the future, but it’s ridiculous, too. Constant Arm-twists, constant lugging of a phablet and a heavy watch, digital devices with people sweat and grease all over, more than any time before? I’d rather use a fitness tracker on purpose and switch to a beautiful watch (yes, even smartwatch if you like) after the workout.

i) On the PC/Desktop front, Microsoft and Adobe are taking the lead with professional Cloud offers for some time now, but slowly getting more aggressive about it. Adobe with its mobile apps, Microsoft with its Cloud storage and open platform and mobile app offers. Windows 10 goes back to the classic UI roots with a modernized OS (internal). Yosemite, I can’t tell, don’t have a Mac.

Ergo sum:

What I like, the desktop is predictable, the smartphone too, the tablet as well. The industry tries to obfuscate and blind you heavily with the new Smartwatches and the fashion approach, but, it’s all done, we’re in IT commodity phase right now, and Apple-pay will facilitate digital wireless payment commodity for all others at the same time.

Now to You:

You have the total choice, it is all a matter of taste, performance, style requirements you have for your desktop (Win/Mac/Chrome), mobile (iOS/Android/Windows) and optional inbetween consumption device (Android/Kindle/iOS/Windows). On the watch side, I’d rather stick to the classic approach for another 2 years, fitbits and jewelry separated. Oh, one more thing, don’t get caught into the “more apps here than there” discussion, religious crap. All systems have all kinds of apps that work well – and you really don’t need an app for everything.


I have an old iPhone 4 that’s getting slow with the newer complex and larger apps and it won’t receive any OS update anymore. I have an iPad 3 64GB LTE, that I’ll give away to my nice, clean, like new, I’m sure it’ll give her a good use out of it. My Desktop is a still very well performant i5 machine. My preferred Smartwatch is a NOMOS, it’s too smart to bother you with any more information than the most relevant: “NOMOS Glashütte”, Time, Date. And I kindly feed her every morning with some exercise, winding her up.

Related to the phone, I’m undecided yet, I don’t like Android, but I don’t like to invest my cash into a non flag-ship Windows phone either, the new iPhones don’t really attract me and I bet next year they won’t be much different. As expensive as they are, it’s a tough bite.

I’ll try to reset/-org the iPhone 4, giving it more space, it may speed it up again. We’ll see. Until wireless digital payment hits the ground in every shop, it’ll take a while. I might wait till then and invest into travel instead, meeting unknown people.

Bom dia,