The new Leica is not for you.


Leica SL has been launched and it is not for YOU.

  • Placement: Full-Format, between Leica M and Leica S System.
  • Target: Big DSLR freelance still photographers who’re using S-System in Studio
  • Lenses: some AF, some more adapted as MF (M, R, TL, S), Many to be developed, many more adapted
  • Quality: equal to Leica Q sensor (slight improvement to Leica M 240), Heavy-Duty Body and water tight
  • Size: huge, with huge Grip to hold well (not possible with M) the large AF tele-lenses planned and many mid-format S-Type Lenses or old R-type Lenses
  • Top-Feature: Huge resolution EVF, 4K Video 24fps
  • Price: adequate to Target and Placement, Price-complains only come from people who don’t understand what target group is being adressed by Leica.

In my view this is a huge solid ugly bastard (T-like GUI, S-Viewer, S-Display, S-Size, R-Lenses-redevelopment, Q-Sensor, S-Electronics). Ugly? Yes, it misses overall design quality, it’s just “cleaned up”. Consider the title, it’s an SL (L=light) compared to the compact mid-format camera Model S. It allows for a much more dynamic camera activity for S-Users. It’s NOT an upgrade for M or a switch-alternative for Nikon/Canon Pro-Consumer Full-format cameras, like D600, 5D or similar, even less a comparable option to Sony A7, regardless of the bullshit some bloggers write.

If you want a compact full-format camera system and somehow payable camera, take a Sony A7II.

If you want a real Rangefinder – M is it.

If you want a professional System for slightly more compact and dynamic still photography than with your mid-format solution, you buy a SL to the S model you already own.

If you want a compact full-format camera for spray-and-pray photography, take a Canon, Nikon

If you want a prosumer compact camera for great pictures, take an Fuji X (any that fits)

If you want a feature-list in a compact body, take a Sony A7RII or RX1RIII or whatever XIWAZ71R name the just gave their new model.

Here’s one far better and longer read:

The new Leica SL is not a competitor for the compact mirrorless market. This is and will remain the TL-System, based on Leica T and the more conservative Leica M System.

An expected System based on the new Q model might appear between or aside of the T and M, but that’s future talk.

End of next year M will receive a hybrid Rangefinder and probably use the SL sensor, if not a slightly improved one.

boa tarde,