the tower of babel


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What does the tower of babel stand for? Did the ancients restrict progress by separation? Have they been afraid of progress as we’re now of digitalization in a global context? Or did they document their struggle of progress by existing language-separation? Or their fear of the foreign others on the same tower/planet? Was it only a god’ly pleasure to restrict humanity from overachieving?

To me the tower of babel shows more joint interests than separating talks. Like today, many of us seek for leaders of separation to cocoon everyone on his ground-floor comfort. Who cares about their foreign next!

All, while humanity has large common issues to resolve and prepare for the next generations:

  • how to survive and personally evolve in reasonable comfort with growing population in a climate changing world?
  • how to keep natural balance?
  • how to sustain economic models of the past? why?
  • how to create sustained new models of society appropriate for these matters?
  • how to pro-act, instead of darwinistic react and adapt when shit hit our faces already?

It is not about separatism and protectionism of nations, it’s about realizing that without such humanity could scratch the doorsteps of God and develop a pro-active responsibility concept of social development.

But we struggle again, much like 100 years ago, like hamsters in a cage, stuck we are.

Bom dia,