the tower of babel

Olà, watching . What does the tower of babel stand for? Did the ancients restrict progress by separation? Have they been afraid of progress as we're now of digitalization in a global context? Or did they document their struggle of progress by existing language-separation? Or their fear of the foreign others on the same …

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The future

The future The creative create the future The smart shape the future The contributor establishes the future The consumer defines the cultural value of the future The managing take over control of the future Fear leaves you behind the future The ideal future is with the creators' minds.  No future is with the fearful and …

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log (list of gifts) 2014

Olà book: photo, science, literature, and poetry film: bw, color, and slide tool: wood-carving, coding, painting, writing time: kids, partner, friends music: vinyl learn: creativity, coding, slow, structure action: …

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best in 2014

Olà, here's a subjective list for the interested... smart camera: small smartphone: phone headset: portable home audio: (bt4.0 version) consumer computer: motorcycle: smart car, autopilot: bicycle: bag: security: book: software: magazine: experience: coffee machine: programming: have fun to vary the above with your experiences. bom dia, @pessoist

upgrade syndrome

Olá, for a while i'm bugged thinking about upgrades of my tools, gadgets, systems, or consolidating them to a few or even one device, liking some of the new toys presented, that again would push me too much into multi-spending big amounts of cash into toys I don't need. I bet many have similar circles …

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Innovation – done

Olá, the industry has roled their dices. innovation has been promoted now for the latest products: gold 2nd core mobile CPU smartest watch since CASIO phones bigger than your palm tablet get thinner heart-rate monitor hardware 4K Screens I'm impressed. The effects: Palm-size Smartphones get replaced with Smartwatches that require a Phablet in your purse …

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