Blackstone pressure bursting Leica

Olà, My personal experiences with development of sales and marketing strategies, running small operations, and groups within larger global enterprises, working to scale for investors return, lead to the following assessment, with assumptions based on information available to me. 1. this new CEO person worked in top positions in regional markets of global brands. He …

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log (list of gifts) 2014

Olà book: photo, science, literature, and poetry film: bw, color, and slide tool: wood-carving, coding, painting, writing time: kids, partner, friends music: vinyl learn: creativity, coding, slow, structure action: …

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best in 2014

Olà, here's a subjective list for the interested... smart camera: small smartphone: phone headset: portable home audio: (bt4.0 version) consumer computer: motorcycle: smart car, autopilot: bicycle: bag: security: book: software: magazine: experience: coffee machine: programming: have fun to vary the above with your experiences. bom dia, @pessoist

upgrade syndrome

Olá, for a while i'm bugged thinking about upgrades of my tools, gadgets, systems, or consolidating them to a few or even one device, liking some of the new toys presented, that again would push me too much into multi-spending big amounts of cash into toys I don't need. I bet many have similar circles …

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AWS comes to Germany as Amazon unveils second EU region, out of Frankfurt


Amazon has launched its long-awaited German-based region – its second in Europe, after the one based in Ireland, and its eleventh worldwide. It was scheduled to go live at 3pm local time, or 6am PT, on Thursday, though it seems to have fired up earlier.

This is also the third [company]Amazon[/company] Web Services (AWS) region that the company claims is carbon-neutral, after US West (Oregon), and GovCloud. It provides two availability zones.

The region is run out of Frankfurt. According to AWS EMEA chief Steve Midgley, this is because “Frankfurt is one of the largest internet exchanges globally.” Of course, sticking it in Germany is hardly a coincidence: the country has very strict data protection laws, even by European standards, and companies are…

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Innovation – done

Olá, the industry has roled their dices. innovation has been promoted now for the latest products: gold 2nd core mobile CPU smartest watch since CASIO phones bigger than your palm tablet get thinner heart-rate monitor hardware 4K Screens I'm impressed. The effects: Palm-size Smartphones get replaced with Smartwatches that require a Phablet in your purse …

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stills capturing device

Olá, lots and lots of new features and cameras come to market replacing already advanced and excellently built cameras making them look old continuously. While this stressful market for manufacturers even moved Leica to produce new lifestyle feature-rich photography devices, there's one constant that we seem to be forgetting. A perfect stills photo taken on …

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gadget outlook

Olá, All the wonderful presents have been opened and got some usage by today. Looking out into 2014, what are the developments we'll be seing, from my personal subjective perspective? security and privacy 2014 you'll realize, that obfuscation is the new privacy. Public policies and regulation will ensure you'll be less informed on the "secret …

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one less more

Olá,is one happy with more? does one need more? does more need one? one less is more? one more is less? is there one way? is more ways less than one?whish one good holidays with lessBom dia.@pessoist