Headless mirrorless crazyness buzz mess


I am getting a big headache, migranis extrapolis ;)
Wannabe pros, tech-bloggers, big mouths around the globe are claiming the death of DSLR. Luckily, not yet the death of professional photography like Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, or the Chicago newspapers lay-off of their photographers, or indicated by the times’ pro-active use of Instagram posts.

What do these people say?

  • “Look what I use, a nice mirror-less, tiny kit, and I sold my huge monster”

What they don’t say?

  • “I spent too much for equipment I never needed, because my photography is done by Photoshop anyway.”
  • “Please convince me that I did make the right choice.”
  • “Oh, I just see, I could have made my photos even with my newly purchased mobile phone.”
  • “I’m a pro blogger and app re-seller, selling stuff and photos to a personality-fan, not so much to an photography Art enthusiast.”
  • “I’m not a pro photographer, having to feed my family with my art, weddings, travel, fashion, news, … -photography. I’m just doing this photography for fun, as a hobbyist, just more often and feel like a pro. Love people who admire me as a pro.”

Now, go into arguments with them using facts. They say:

  • “DSLR are too bulky”, but mean: “pro cameras are big and heavy”
  • “DSLR mirrors are old tech”, but mean: “don’t want mechanical parts”
  • “DSLR market will die”, but mean: “pls let me be right, just lost so much money transitioning”
  • “DSLR market will die in 5 years”, but mean: “I am right, if not I’ll extend the term I promised two years ago”
  • “this will replace my big system”, but mean: “I’m moving anyway professionally to medium format as a primary system, and love to use the new mirror-less as may daily street photography, family camera”

Now the technical arguments:

  • “the shutter gets silent without mirror”
  • “the frame-rate is much faster without slow mechanical mirror elements”
  • “the modern compact design is more ergonomic”
  • “mirror-less cover all ranges of photography and video as good or better then DSLR”

What’s the fact?

  • the point and shoot market is declining, rapidly
  • the mobile photography usage already surpassed all historical figures and is still growing the next unspecific number of years in still and video formats.
  • camera manufacturers are trying to find a new, more lucrative market, cashing in 1000$ per sale, with a healthy margin of a few hundred USD per item.
  • the big DSLR market sale is in the consumer and amateur range around 500$ – 700$ as a APS-C based kit including lens. Very tight margins for the manufacturers.
  • the professional photographer has and needs a full range of perfectly connected fast lenses, from fish-eye to huge-tele, and zoom variants to partly own and others to rent for specific applications.
  • the professional photographer requires professional repair and replacement services globally and reliable, not finicky camera bodies in first place.
  • the mirror-less market referenced resides above 1000$ including lens for m43 & APS-C, and around 2000$ – 7000$ for a full frame kit.
  • the low-end mirror-less market goes between 600$ and 900$, as a kit.
  • excellent mobile replacements are available for 200$ under contract in USA, and for 500$-700$ off-contract.
  • the enthusiast market went retro, totally contradicting the modern approach initially expected from mirror-less. They even look like SLRs, or at least like an old rangefinder. Hipster society.
  • m43 photo quality lacks professionally compared, even though good enough for average amateurs liking. Any DSLR of the same generation tops that easily.
  • mirror-less lens portfolio is mainly covering wide-angle to mid-tele, with average speed lenses f4 up. Some rarer specific lenses go below at f2.8 or 1.7, not many though, certainly not as many as with DSLR.
  • mirror-less consumer cameras in The low-end range with electronic only shutter are silent.
  • mirror-less amateurs cameras with leaf shutter are still silent, too
  • mirror-less amateurs cameras with mechanical shutter are loud, the latest Sony releases are the loudest by far, reaching easily the levels of older DSLR, who were the loudest of all.
  • mirror-less cameras cover high-speed frame rates only with electronic shutters, some reaching but not surpassing the in most other cases much faster DSLR.
  • mirror-less cameras batteries are too small to give a full day photography experience while using LCD or electronic viewfinder, and seize at around 300 frames.
  • DSLR run 1600 frames and more with one battery, full day availability.
  • as mirror-less cameras become finicky and quickly drawn their batteries, they now are fitted with the same huge battery monster grips that are optionally available to DSLRs. Speaking of small! LOL!
  • today’s DSLR are the best cinematic low-budget video cameras you can use, sharpness, shallow death of field. Recent Sony full frame mirror-less remains to be tested for its capabilities. The larger sensors are more targeted by the negative rolling shutter issue.
  • again, for consumer video snapshots, the “best” is to use the mobile option, unless you need an action cam.
  • most bloggers are not paid by the manufacturers, nor can they use or own the equipment they promote. But YES, there’s NO honest scientific review out there, it’s all subjective, some very obvious. Why? They “survive” with the “relationship” to manufacturers and shops. They need to comment on most rumored and newest equipment, just to get hold of it, make manufacturers and distributors aware of them as a sales tool. They have no time and means to properly test it, thus write without a scientific base. But, that’s OK for most of us readers, collecting subjective messages. What’s not OK, is that the fuzz is multiplied by all wannabe related bloggers, re-posters (that love to be called curators), and just produces a social viral marketing buzz about a message, product, brand of a specific brand or set of brands, driven by manufacturers who started the controversy discussion initially. This is how this industry survived the struggles of the film to digital change, it took a few years and revised marketing concepts.
  • another market trend is not a new trend anymore. For the last 3 or more generations of digital photographic equipment (started already in the film age), software is embedded into the cameras to reduce negative impacts of optical and mechanical elements with a matrix of internal correction and exposure parameters, now more and more with sensor supported automation, specifically adjusted to the manufacturers accessories, adapters typically can’t bridge to foreign extensions, i.e. adapted lenses.
  • more or less complex wi-fi, NFC connectivity to upload your pictures via your mobile to the social cloud is available to more and more of all types of systems. It kinda works.

What will happen?
Apple will soon show camera manufacturers and other industries how you evolutionary develop a technology brand into a lasting lifestyle brand, with reliable and consistent, distribution channels and marketing, while innovating technology, markets and ensuring strong margins. Leica has done that already successfully, without damaging its so much older history, just recently A. Kaufmann was awarded accordingly as most innovative CEO. Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Ricoh-Pentax, … will continue to strive for a way out of their dilemma, Hasselblad had big dreams without substance. We saw individual crappy lifestyle products combined with cheap marketing. Fuji’s photography strategy is mid-term, their long-term focus is cosmetics and healthcare. Sony’s big business is yet to be found, photography it isn’t. The near future is not asking for miniature, but even more complex 2./3. Level products, but for a modern lifestyle sustained by personal lifestyle partners that make your life not just stylish for the next 3 months, but consistently easier and less cluttered in many ways, handing you the key device to better control all these life-situations you’re in.
The user who can’t simplify his life himself, will outsource it to these new partners.
There is huge potential for many companies, while Leica will remain a niche, Apple is entering that space at large, look at all the key personalities and expertise they have concentrated in the recent few months. Nest is another example. Microsoft still has to find a strategy, same as Google, while amazon may be able to quickly fill that demand, too, with a slightly updated strategy and set of services.

Oh sorry for that rant.

What will happen in the camera market?
Whatever you want, and are willing to pay for. Everything is available now, excellent all-you-can-dream lightweight lower budget DSLR, hipster high-price miniature bad-ass sensor cameras, mobile all-you-need-all time photo and video devices and awesome-all-of-my-crap-photos-as-soon-as-uploaded-and-share cloud services.
There is no bad camera around anymore, unless you’re looking at the sellout boxes for 149$ or below. Near professional quality is available from 500$ on. Please just don’t buy dead or never have been brands, such as Rollei, Polaroid, Kodak, … Do buy the best you need and can afford from active innovation drivers and get it into your hands first, guide yourself through it, understand the complexity of its use and menu ergonomics, then check if you’re not far better off with a high-end smartphone camera – no extra to carry, always available.

Technically spoken,
if something kills DSLR, it’s not mirror-less,
but mobile & social & software & lifestyle!
The quality is there, and still improving with big leaps.

Summing up:
– buy what you need, not what you want.
– be creative.
– don’t waste your time with the above and above referenced crap ;)

Bom dia.


sequential fall of a fruit


the tech press is excited, everyday carving out another shell, story, scratch out of the unapologetically plastic or aluminium golden devices of our favorite fruit company. ;)

the stock-exchange is tough to everybody, like eBay if not tricked by the auctioneer’s friend as mostly.

weeks of shrinking stock value for apple…

why? There’s no Hero anymore with apple, Johnny is not the new Master of ceremony, nor is it Tim. The hype comes to stagnate, innovation on phone devices are expected to stagnate, too.

the stock-market reacts to the lack of a cheaper device. the 5C is not cheaper! it’s cheaper made. the 5S is the top-class act, with so much hidden technology the average public can’t see, neither consider. it’s the most forward looking device with a number of bets apple is making into the future with new proprietary even further enslaving users into the ecosystem.

iBeacons, thumbs-ID, M7, 64-bit – who cares! Apple, they have to create a new large market to survive the next years.

the new market is the world of digital context, distributed devices, sensors, apps, controllers always on, looking for you, tracking you, everywhere, for your personal assisted benefit and apple’s commercial. it’s a proprietary world that needs to win all the many NFC, Bluetooth, ANT+, … -based implementations of the credit card, car, photo, transport, fitness, and many other industries. Apple is betting hands down, all-in to win this challenge and win You over into their caring ecosystem.

unfortunately to apple this huge bet is coming at a high risk, the open market, the multitude of non-hipster consumers are not all-in apple and do not ever want to be… in doubt, they’d go into a fractioned world, where not everything is perfect, where you don’t have to buy iWear licensed designer clothing with integral recyclable sensors the tap your heart or sweat-rate, movements, whatever, synchronize it with the iDrive data from and display it to your car display, while navigating you through San Francisco, yes, Maps doesn’t work properly everywhere, still.

I do not want iUnderwear, I want openSensor, openDrive, openEncrypt, all open standard and if possible open source. No! I’m not a Linux text adventure Stallman freak.

We need to get control back and buy standards and companies supporting standards, not by producing proprietary containers allowing standards so they have control over it.

Technology-wize I’m fine with Apple, thumbs authentication is a great comfort, gold a matter of taste, powerful OS and processors always a good path to continue… Nothing of it is really new, but just evolutionary.

Google is a data-monster, as we all know, but the give you the choice to opt-out. I don’t know what Microsoft is doing with Nokia in the near future, we’ll see – soon I hope.

For the time being, the average user is right – a smartphone is a commodity, for social networking, photo, video taking and some phone calls – and he buys it already at a reasonable rate 200-500 USD w/o contract, leaving the top-class to techno-hulks and “fans”. Good value and high-end Colours from Nokia/Microsoft, Entry-Level and Performance from Samsung, Flexibility from Google, …, past innovation and brand-ecosystem from apple.

apple’s customer base will remain large, but they have to win-over every single user to use the cloud more, hand-over control to Siri, get the wearable sensors produced for full control.

I prefer (general) to use active NFC-based bumping common industry standard available to many Service Providers to activate a Bluetooth pairing and integration of my Camera, Car, TV, Tram-Transport, Shopping, Check-In, …; ANT+ technology already common fitness industry standard available in fitness equipment of all kinds from TIMEX to GARMIN, professional and consumer. I’m happy to measure my heart-rate, temperature or anything with standard sensors and wear the cloth I like, not iLike.

When the stock-market realizes this, they’ll go down further. These days is mostly about the extremely unapologetically high price-level entry for a 2013-generation, or apple-proprietary-future-looking phone.

I’m all-in to use what I already use for the last 3 years, a lend iPhone 4, or a commodity smartphone, that does all I need, such as a lumia 920 or a nexus 4. We’ll see how IOS 7 runs and what microsoft is going to announce these days, beyond surface2pro, but that’s another story.

Bom dia.


photo panic


Panic @ Nikon, bad results @ Olympus, Fuji killing more film-lines, overall sales down 30-40% …
So what’s up? Is m4/3 killing the DSLR, Digital finally killing film, Smartphones killing Point&Shoot, Google Glass killing GoPro, Virtual Reality with Google Now killing everybody?

What we don’t want:
Nikon: we don’t want bulky and/or expensive cameras, that need a computer because we don’t understand them.

Olympus: we don’t want tiny copies of what Nikon sells, that in fact are not that tiny as you promised, but as complex and partly even more expensive

Sony: we don’t need really tiny cameras with more complexity at an even higher price

Google: we don’t want to shower with Robert Scoble just to wear an ugly glass, that spies on us

Vine: we don’t want to have to watch all your crap, just to get the one good scene.

We want:

Memories, funny and happy, jokingly, crazy, angry memories of the moments we went through and want to share. Moments that tell a story to anybody we like it to watch it.

Short and funny with a clear message, longer ones with music or (mono-)dialogues telling a story or documenting phases, happenings in life, others artistic to express our feelings. And we want to have it with us, any time, any where, quick in access, best compromise in speed and quality, no compromise in sharing.

Leica talks about the decisive moment
Nokia talks about the best low light quality
Apple talks about the best camera in a jewel-case
Samsung glues together what doesn’t work
Sony never stopped doing that
Nikon copies Samsung, Sony, Canon cluelessly
Google innovates in beta, never creating a product
Instagram fights for monopoly

Here we are, all for them, none for the users.

I wished we had a beautifully designed Smartphone with Apple’s apps and Lumia technology.

As a dedicated camera I wished we’d concentrate back to the basics, a full-format fixed lens 35 mm camera with a 21 superwide extension and a sensor/firmware combination that allows for similar crop-tele adjustments and sharing, as the Apple/Lumia setup described before, at a quality of a Leica M or Nikon D800. With a large optical viewfinder. All manual setup with aperture, shutter, iso, wb priorities, only and a basic feature/sharing setup screen. Our main communication screen is our phone, anyway.

Professional photographers for sport or similar will find their niche products.

Ah, film, yeah, well there’ll be 2-3 films for nostalgic creative use around for a long time.

Bom dia,


the next gadget?


Everybody is looking for the next gadget, the next shopping experience, the next …

I’m pretty satisfied with the bunch of gadgets, to a level that I think to myself, what should I sell, as I don’t have time to use it.
Well all of them have their usage area, criteria. So they might stay.

What’s the next Phone? A phone that would interest me exchanging the iPhone 4 for?
I’d like to see a small phone, like the iPhone 4, a bit lighter, but stronger in Battery life (2-3x). It should have a OS as clean as iOS, but with a modernized long-term design. All relevant Apps integrated (single-log-in with 2-factor, not multi-authorization in App, Browser, …). A camera with perfect lense, ultra-resolution and extra leapfrog firmware that extracts wide-angle or tele view from it, like Nokia 808, and fixes color and other bugs. It should talk and alert by Siri, Google Now+Voice, whatever, but cross-eco-system and safely store stats gathered into my private closed cloud. Advertisers should pay for my data directly, % to go to eco-system provider. I want correct maps, not just correct in SF or NJ, *=)(§”#* You! Please keep batteries exchangeable and Memory upgreadable, do not use plastic covers, if it costs more than 200 usd non-contracted.

What’s the next camera? A camera that would open new capabilities to research and experiment with?
Interesting would be to see the light-stream technology being used in High-Resolution Sensor – Lense combinations, allowing to focus and extract/crop the picture at still “full-size” 12MP+ out of the RAW-format data, while having it automatically be uploaded to your picture storage at G+, fb, Flickr, … No rear-view Screen necessary; just a electronic viewfinder.

What’s the next AV system? Well that’s not a question anymore, as that market has not evolved at all in quality, other than screen resolution or quality reduction by compression. I’m done here with my analog audio system, the digital option and a well resolving plasma, already capable of more than any cable, satellite provides today.

Bom dia,


Why I love the Apple iPhone


Have you seen this? http://www.apple.com/iphone/

LOL, why we love the iPhone. Apple seems to know.
Looks like they don’t.

Why do I love it?

1. Because I was prepared for it long time ago, as an Apple Newton, R.I.P. user (130MP, 2100MP) and Steve Jobs hater for killing it.

2. Because it delivered on the promise to make all that was great on the Newton, better, nicer, more compact and tied into a well-balanced eco-system with a bunch of very useful applications.

3. Because it’s the only platform that further developed itself to an overall satisfying, still balanced and reliable catalogue of services within a very compact non-obtrusive device, that I can carry with me and that provided me with the least trouble any PC, Phone or PDA has ever managed to do.

4. It’s my electronic swiss knife, even for weeks in a jungle.

5. I never felt that any update/switch of it with a newer or other Smartphone line would be improving it by much. The superficial freedom of android is traded with frustration by cluttered interface, low-grade hardware-chassis and crappy apps.

6. I got it as a long-term loan.

7. It takes surprisingly beautiful pictures, in occasions I don’t have my 2 Kg camera equipment with me.

The iPhone 4 is all I need    – and “own”.

Now compare…

Bom Dia,

P.S.: Do I feel different about the iPad? Somehow. I remain a windows person for real work devices. Metro is the future.

Surfacial iPad


I’ve been watching the iPad for some time now, loved to have it, matured, bought the retina version, used it, and get the feeling of a nicely made useless gadget toy. Aside from video, audio and modern communication not a single bit more useful than a Newton.
If I had paid for it, instead of exchanging a bunch of bonus-points from my employer I’d had it on eBay already.

I use an iPhone 4, that impresses me still every day with what you can do with the little device you’re able to carry around small and easy.

But he iPad revolution is none, it’s basically an evolved Newton based on an iPhone. As useful/-less as the old clunky device.

It adds for the entertainment lovers, but near to nothing for productivity. Yes, the display is larger, good for home/travel reading of presentations, manuals, training documents, and minor annotations.

But professional productive document creation, photo and video working, coding, creative drafting, notes taking, sketching has it’s early barriers hard to overcome and at the same time killing the flow of creativity.

This device is too expensive to stay at this level. I want iOS development tools, keyboard and pen integration, a faster CPU for photo raw and video work, a better integrated stand, and SM card reader.

Steve, you got this wrong!

The iPad clearly was designed as a consumption device.
The kindle fire and the new nexus show the Market for consumption devices and Microsofts surface shows the level for productive tablet devices.

Fix it please apple, give us more professional apps and tools to use on the iPad.

I don’t buy tools for an iPad that doesn’t have professional apps aside some intelligent notepad like evernote.

Bom dia,

the nicer tele vision system


Dreaming of a nice tele vision system, I’d put it together this way.

Make contracts with all content owners that are relevant to offer a seemless experience of tele vision and meet the following commitments and services. Every content has to be available to the consumer at any time at any place the content-ownership rights are valid. Every content will have its dedicated fee, to view, share, buy (to store off-line) per device. Sharing to friends should be free X times. sharing/renting to public should have a fee for Y times or per screen-time. A database-system curates availability and service for personal on-demand, time-booked, individually planned and radio-like presentation of content. All content has to be available from day 1 of market availability (same release as cinema; a premium early bird fee is charged)

Use the worlds best TV screen not available and have it designed wonderfully simple. It will be expensive and it will last for long, thus the design should be smart and pure. Leave the very large TV stay behind, integrating neutrally into the personal interior’s living style – just waiting to be activated on-demand and shine for the period it interacts with the viewer until it steps back to present the content. I’d like to see a very large gorilla-glass-like display, not thicker than a thick glass plate covering another “plate”, actually a case, of same thickness that integrates the display technology. The technology that I expect from Apple in 2013 is 8K TV for 8.000,- USD and 4K TV for 3.000,- USD made by Sharp.

This TV screen does NOT include a receiver, but is just a plain display with its graphical processor and a thunderbolt interface board. The only additionally integrated technical function is the integrated high-resolution stereo field camera (2x iPhone 4S cam) and stereo microphone, and preferably a laser-grid detected eye-tracker to substitute fingermoves for interaction.

This wonderfully designed and flat large, but dump Glass-panel will be controlled by the new Apple iTV Generation 3 Box. This Box is available to be connected to the average HDMI TVs we use today  (with 1080p signal max), but it will slide into the thunderbolt port of the Display seamlessly, too, and run full native 4K or 8K video signal (up-sampled for lower source content resolutions). The display reserves a space as large as an iPad to either slide in the iPad, iPhone, or Apple TV, any of those to take control of the TV, streaming the on-demand shows, films, events, music directly to the Display and via AirPlay to the connected Audio Devices.

You’ll interact with the TV by talking, finger-pointing at the screen cam/mic and/or typing on the iPad BT keyboard to enter text easily. No small device gets lost, anymore and only one device required. Did I forget, that you have a finger-pointing virtual keyboard, too? Hope that may be of use, we’ll see. Let’s ask Siri.

New Apps will be developed for the IOS system, same as today, but with different resolution options: iPhone, iPad legacy, iPad new, tv1080p, tv4k, tv8k. All iPad apps run well on the large screen, multitasking allows display of the multiple applications distributed on the TV display.

Certainly you can continue using an iPad/iPhone to flip audio and video with your finger from your device to any other, here the TV (inserted AppleTV). Did you get it? Yes, no bumping like those crappy phones.

Scene – settling down:

Calling Siri, asking to play my favorite video now, and wake me up as usual.

The display will switch on and play my video in 8K up-sampled, while activating a timer of “wake-up_time – 8h sleep_time” to play some music to remember me it’s time to get in bed for sleep, and activating a wake-up alarm through the cloud on my iPhone for 7am in the morning.

I watch my video and ten minutes before it ends, an optical widget pops-up on the frame not distracting the video, but letting me know it’s time to go to bed, playing the “go to bed” music after the video and shutting off after I left the room. Next morning at 7pm Siri is waking me up “Sir, it’s time for a sunny day, today with all this crappy work you have to do.” ;-)

By the way any interactivity with content-channels and/or friends sharing can be done via your iPhone or iPad without interrupting the TV-“flow” or via an overlay-screen on the Display pointing/talking to Siri. You’ve access to your current TV-content via the IOS-native controller app, that allows you to share and gather any information to and from anywhere.

What do you think?

Bom dia,