photo panic


Panic @ Nikon, bad results @ Olympus, Fuji killing more film-lines, overall sales down 30-40% …
So what’s up? Is m4/3 killing the DSLR, Digital finally killing film, Smartphones killing Point&Shoot, Google Glass killing GoPro, Virtual Reality with Google Now killing everybody?

What we don’t want:
Nikon: we don’t want bulky and/or expensive cameras, that need a computer because we don’t understand them.

Olympus: we don’t want tiny copies of what Nikon sells, that in fact are not that tiny as you promised, but as complex and partly even more expensive

Sony: we don’t need really tiny cameras with more complexity at an even higher price

Google: we don’t want to shower with Robert Scoble just to wear an ugly glass, that spies on us

Vine: we don’t want to have to watch all your crap, just to get the one good scene.

We want:

Memories, funny and happy, jokingly, crazy, angry memories of the moments we went through and want to share. Moments that tell a story to anybody we like it to watch it.

Short and funny with a clear message, longer ones with music or (mono-)dialogues telling a story or documenting phases, happenings in life, others artistic to express our feelings. And we want to have it with us, any time, any where, quick in access, best compromise in speed and quality, no compromise in sharing.

Leica talks about the decisive moment
Nokia talks about the best low light quality
Apple talks about the best camera in a jewel-case
Samsung glues together what doesn’t work
Sony never stopped doing that
Nikon copies Samsung, Sony, Canon cluelessly
Google innovates in beta, never creating a product
Instagram fights for monopoly

Here we are, all for them, none for the users.

I wished we had a beautifully designed Smartphone with Apple’s apps and Lumia technology.

As a dedicated camera I wished we’d concentrate back to the basics, a full-format fixed lens 35 mm camera with a 21 superwide extension and a sensor/firmware combination that allows for similar crop-tele adjustments and sharing, as the Apple/Lumia setup described before, at a quality of a Leica M or Nikon D800. With a large optical viewfinder. All manual setup with aperture, shutter, iso, wb priorities, only and a basic feature/sharing setup screen. Our main communication screen is our phone, anyway.

Professional photographers for sport or similar will find their niche products.

Ah, film, yeah, well there’ll be 2-3 films for nostalgic creative use around for a long time.

Bom dia,



the next gadget?


Everybody is looking for the next gadget, the next shopping experience, the next …

I’m pretty satisfied with the bunch of gadgets, to a level that I think to myself, what should I sell, as I don’t have time to use it.
Well all of them have their usage area, criteria. So they might stay.

What’s the next Phone? A phone that would interest me exchanging the iPhone 4 for?
I’d like to see a small phone, like the iPhone 4, a bit lighter, but stronger in Battery life (2-3x). It should have a OS as clean as iOS, but with a modernized long-term design. All relevant Apps integrated (single-log-in with 2-factor, not multi-authorization in App, Browser, …). A camera with perfect lense, ultra-resolution and extra leapfrog firmware that extracts wide-angle or tele view from it, like Nokia 808, and fixes color and other bugs. It should talk and alert by Siri, Google Now+Voice, whatever, but cross-eco-system and safely store stats gathered into my private closed cloud. Advertisers should pay for my data directly, % to go to eco-system provider. I want correct maps, not just correct in SF or NJ, *=)(§”#* You! Please keep batteries exchangeable and Memory upgreadable, do not use plastic covers, if it costs more than 200 usd non-contracted.

What’s the next camera? A camera that would open new capabilities to research and experiment with?
Interesting would be to see the light-stream technology being used in High-Resolution Sensor – Lense combinations, allowing to focus and extract/crop the picture at still “full-size” 12MP+ out of the RAW-format data, while having it automatically be uploaded to your picture storage at G+, fb, Flickr, … No rear-view Screen necessary; just a electronic viewfinder.

What’s the next AV system? Well that’s not a question anymore, as that market has not evolved at all in quality, other than screen resolution or quality reduction by compression. I’m done here with my analog audio system, the digital option and a well resolving plasma, already capable of more than any cable, satellite provides today.

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Forums are discussing how badly Fuji hurts and fight Leica in their market. Claiming Leica is old, slow, and dump. Asking for Fuji-lookalikes, etc.

What a nonsense!

Leica has a creative mindset and creative engineers.
But Leica has nothing to prove, too.
As they’re building their new facility, got a new investor in place, they’re clearly preparing for something big. That’s been confirmed already as a lot of other information about the future has been confirmed.
But, they’ve proved by not following the market creatively, they win, they won historically with the 35mm Leica in the early days, lately with the X1. They still win with the M9 and they win with the S2. The MP and M7 still sell, too. No need to change that.

Photokina is an event I believe they’re strongly preparing for – to disappoint the forum people and to astonish their clients.

First I want to thank Leica for continuing production in Portugal, those people need that kind of committment as they’re going through a tough period of financial crisis and job-destruction now, to rebuild the country. Thank you Leica for that ongoing committment to those people. They’ve been the production backbone for the past camera generations and the new success and have done an excellent job as we can see from the many happy customers.

Second I do not expect Leica to touch the M9 more than necessary – a new Sensor here, a CPU update there and a better display should do it.

Third, I am sure Leica knows that the X1 has surpassed it’s peak life-time and is happy to give room for a new line of cameras. Now that the m4/3 systems reached a quality of decent results, I bet Leica is planning to offer a “low-end” System of m4/3 Camera bodies (black, silver, titan) with Video, Life-View and EVF instead of a real rangefinder made by Leica above 2500 USD. Sensor and Software basics coming from Panasonic, but it’ll be all Leica-made Hardware, not a Panasonic-copy. It will have the Leica-option to mount M-lenses and the Hard/Software will accommodate that in a special way. This is the System to grow Photographers and Leica-lovers into the M-Lens family growing them into the final M-System after a few years of experience.

Fourth, I expect, too, the S2 to receive an update to be competitive at a “Leica-Level” against the most recent Phase One Developments, keeping it high enough, not to fear the cheaper mid-format 645 cameras market war. Similar to the M9, Sensor + CPU + Software would do it I assume.

I am invested in japanese Quality, as I can’t afford a Leica and as I want to have high-end AF, but admire what Leica’s current Management has achieved and is up to. Promising, at least, I must say.

This photokina I’ll be there…

Bom dia,




I’m stuck in thoughts about selecting a very personal tool for the next years. My Nikon D200 is a trusty tool, but you feel the sensor’s age now. My Sigma DP2x doesn’t offer the all-round flexibility due to the crappy Foveon sensor and crappy Camera Firmware (banding noise, slow and messy AF, slow storage).

As quickly as I can decide on what phone, computer, and other stuff to use, I still don’t feel comfortable enough to pick the right photographic tool that allows me to:

  • re-focus on the creativity, taking pictures
  • trust its solidity of manufacture
  • have a full-size 35mm tool-quality feel
  • take it with me on most activity to just take a picture when I feel to
  • flexibly choose a lens for the planned purpose
  • switch between AF and MF, as my eyes get older
  • photograph people without frightening them
  • pay for it as a hobbyist that can but doesn’t like to throw out all cash

The market lists me:

  • Leica M-family, no AF
  • Leica X1, too expensive for a fixed lens camera, APS-C
  • Fuji X100, too techie UI to concentrate on photography, APS-C
  • Fuji X1pro, hmmm, quiet expensive and as improved APS-C, maybe
  • Canon DSLR, well I’m kinda Nikon guy, but if Nikon screws, hmmm
  • Olympus m43, just too small sensor, else, valid
  • Panasonic m43, see Olympus, liked the Oly-colours in exemplary pictures better.
  • Pentax K, see Canon, will check the new K-01, missing EVF or flexible Monitor
  • Sony, no, no Sony.
  • Sigma, no, no more Sigma.
  • Ricoh, if I was looking for a PS, the GRD, but I’m not.
  • Ricoh GXR, nice concept, but a compromise, standard quality APS-C
  • Nikon D5100, very good APS-C, but techie UI
  • Nikon D7000, better APS-C, hmmm, maybe, like
  • Nikon D800, crazy high price expected, like, but ufff.
  • Nikon D700, yeah maybe, not cheap, used, like.
  • Nikon D400, may cost as much as a used D700, like but wait

The options I can see:

  • Fuji X-1 pro for 2300EUR (including 1x lens, pricy)
  • Nikon D7000 for 900EUR (body, used)
  • Nikon D800 for 3200EUR (body, pricy)
  • Nikon D700 for 2000EUR (body, new)
  • Nikon D400 for 1700EUR (body, expected avail Jun12)
  • Nikon D5100 for 600EUR (body, new)

Let me recap a dream, “imagine”:

  • Leica M9-type camera with AF at half the price
  • Nikon D700 mirror-less with EVF
  • Fuji X-1 pro full-frame at current Crop-sensor price

useless, won’t happen.

It seems that with the current development of the sensors (high-iso), firmware and CPU (fast), camera pricing (high), the integration of photography with video, the best option to go would be a Nikon D5100 with a superb ultra-wide-angle lens and an excellent external mic.

And for Canon fans, the 600D would be a similar suggested choice.

Bom dia,


PMA dreams


I nearly overlooked that photography part of the CES, yes, the PMA.

Fuji and Canon have spoken already, Nikon’s lifted its table only slightly, yet. What else is to come?

Let’s think about a wish list to hand-over to Photo Geeny, based on the existing rumors and capabilities.

Here’s what comes to my crazy mind:

  • Nikon D800, as rumored, below 2.500 usd, not @ 3K.
  • Nikon SP1
    • a Giugiaro designed Nikon 1 System camera with improved manual controls for serious photography,
    • w/o integrated Flash, but with Hot-Shoe, mechanical shutter, EVF, improved body design (Grip)
    • further improved firmware to address pro/amateurs picture quality requirements
    • excellent built, fast Nikkor prime lenses 1:1.4 12, 18, 32, 50, and 1:2.8 148 mm
  • Sigma DP2x Firmware to fix sensor flaws at high-iso (“banding”) and matrix flare, when shooting against sun
  • Leica X5, a full-frame EVF rangefinder with integrated 35mm lens @ 3000 USD
  • Leica mobile phone clip-on lens for iPhone 4/4S (Marketing), similar to the oloclip,
    • combined with a Leica IOS-App for sharing photography to the Leica galleries and Leica friends (and all others).

Let’s see…

Bom dia,


a perfect camera?


following-up on the two earlier posts, what’s pushing me in my current thoughts of the camera market is that I seem not being able to find the right device I’d like to have. Looking at the many changes happening, we’re definitely in a transition period, here, a phase of trial and error and compromises, while I wished it would be so dead easy as in the old analogue manual times.

What am I looking for?

  • rangefinder (ghost-type, with metering, aperture, speed, flash info), a compromise could be a high-resolution Live-EVF.
  • silent, like a compact Sigma DP2x
  • a decent made camera body of the size of a compact system camera, up to the size of a consumer DSLR
  • low-light capability and dynamic range of a D3/D700
  • professional grade prime lens range from 14 to 500 mm to select from (effect: 14, normal range choice: 35, 50, 85, 135, sports: 500)
  • 1/250 or faster Flash-sync
  • 3+ RAW shots per second
  • Off to shoot ((incl. AF)/metering) in 0,2 seconds
  • Spot/Integral lightmeter
  • Hot-Shoe for Auto-Flash, …
  • optional Smart 54+ Matrix AF system (my eyes are not getting younger)
  • priced well under 2000 EUR including a 50mm/1.4

I don’t care if it had a Monitor or not, a mini-flash, or whatever useless gadget. I’d be very happy if full-HD video at 60 f/s would be included, but it’s not required and neither do I want a compromise crap video capability.

I now use a Sigma DP2x that takes excellent pictures in daylight, requires to be tricked in low-light and can’t capture direct sun through rain well (sensor-matrix flares). The worst: it’s slow, really slow, still, after all those upgrades, and the flash and video-feature are just crap.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the size, feel, UI of the Sigma, just hate the flaws, that make this wonderful small camera not a good choice for recommendations.

Leica? LOL, I’m no hipster. The Sigma is actually better than the X1. The M9, as good as it is, it doesn’t give the asked lens choice, nor can anybody serious consider it to be worth the price, maybe 50% of it. Leica Lenses? I do not believe they’d be any better both optical and mechanical than any top-end Carl Zeiss, Canon, or Nikon lens. Just more mechanical engineering, maybe. Here I’d not spend more than 50% of their asked price. Still too expensive for me.

As a Nikonian I’d appreciate Nikon offering us a Nikon F-mount full-frame mirrorless/EVIL body based on a reduced feature-set of the new D4/D800. After their strategic decision for a Nikon 1 System they’ll never go that route, but improve the capabilities of the Nikon 1 System, instead. I can see a bright future for Nikon there, if it’s not kicked like the Kodak film-APS system off the market.

Guess I’m already off the scope customers targeted by the Marketing people. ;-)

My trusty D200 and Diva Sigma will take care of me for some more years until this transition shows where it’s heading to and the players start to offer cameras to last longer than just 2 years. Will that ever happen?

Bom dia,