Olà. I'm stuck in thoughts about selecting a very personal tool for the next years. My Nikon D200 is a trusty tool, but you feel the sensor's age now. My Sigma DP2x doesn't offer the all-round flexibility due to the crappy Foveon sensor and crappy Camera Firmware (banding noise, slow and messy AF, slow storage). …

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PMA dreams

Olà. I nearly overlooked that photography part of the CES, yes, the PMA. Fuji and Canon have spoken already, Nikon's lifted its table only slightly, yet. What else is to come? Let's think about a wish list to hand-over to Photo Geeny, based on the existing rumors and capabilities. Here's what comes to my crazy …

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a perfect camera?

Olà, following-up on the two earlier posts, what's pushing me in my current thoughts of the camera market is that I seem not being able to find the right device I'd like to have. Looking at the many changes happening, we're definitely in a transition period, here, a phase of trial and error and compromises, …

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