sequential fall of a fruit


the tech press is excited, everyday carving out another shell, story, scratch out of the unapologetically plastic or aluminium golden devices of our favorite fruit company. ;)

the stock-exchange is tough to everybody, like eBay if not tricked by the auctioneer’s friend as mostly.

weeks of shrinking stock value for apple…

why? There’s no Hero anymore with apple, Johnny is not the new Master of ceremony, nor is it Tim. The hype comes to stagnate, innovation on phone devices are expected to stagnate, too.

the stock-market reacts to the lack of a cheaper device. the 5C is not cheaper! it’s cheaper made. the 5S is the top-class act, with so much hidden technology the average public can’t see, neither consider. it’s the most forward looking device with a number of bets apple is making into the future with new proprietary even further enslaving users into the ecosystem.

iBeacons, thumbs-ID, M7, 64-bit – who cares! Apple, they have to create a new large market to survive the next years.

the new market is the world of digital context, distributed devices, sensors, apps, controllers always on, looking for you, tracking you, everywhere, for your personal assisted benefit and apple’s commercial. it’s a proprietary world that needs to win all the many NFC, Bluetooth, ANT+, … -based implementations of the credit card, car, photo, transport, fitness, and many other industries. Apple is betting hands down, all-in to win this challenge and win You over into their caring ecosystem.

unfortunately to apple this huge bet is coming at a high risk, the open market, the multitude of non-hipster consumers are not all-in apple and do not ever want to be… in doubt, they’d go into a fractioned world, where not everything is perfect, where you don’t have to buy iWear licensed designer clothing with integral recyclable sensors the tap your heart or sweat-rate, movements, whatever, synchronize it with the iDrive data from and display it to your car display, while navigating you through San Francisco, yes, Maps doesn’t work properly everywhere, still.

I do not want iUnderwear, I want openSensor, openDrive, openEncrypt, all open standard and if possible open source. No! I’m not a Linux text adventure Stallman freak.

We need to get control back and buy standards and companies supporting standards, not by producing proprietary containers allowing standards so they have control over it.

Technology-wize I’m fine with Apple, thumbs authentication is a great comfort, gold a matter of taste, powerful OS and processors always a good path to continue… Nothing of it is really new, but just evolutionary.

Google is a data-monster, as we all know, but the give you the choice to opt-out. I don’t know what Microsoft is doing with Nokia in the near future, we’ll see – soon I hope.

For the time being, the average user is right – a smartphone is a commodity, for social networking, photo, video taking and some phone calls – and he buys it already at a reasonable rate 200-500 USD w/o contract, leaving the top-class to techno-hulks and “fans”. Good value and high-end Colours from Nokia/Microsoft, Entry-Level and Performance from Samsung, Flexibility from Google, …, past innovation and brand-ecosystem from apple.

apple’s customer base will remain large, but they have to win-over every single user to use the cloud more, hand-over control to Siri, get the wearable sensors produced for full control.

I prefer (general) to use active NFC-based bumping common industry standard available to many Service Providers to activate a Bluetooth pairing and integration of my Camera, Car, TV, Tram-Transport, Shopping, Check-In, …; ANT+ technology already common fitness industry standard available in fitness equipment of all kinds from TIMEX to GARMIN, professional and consumer. I’m happy to measure my heart-rate, temperature or anything with standard sensors and wear the cloth I like, not iLike.

When the stock-market realizes this, they’ll go down further. These days is mostly about the extremely unapologetically high price-level entry for a 2013-generation, or apple-proprietary-future-looking phone.

I’m all-in to use what I already use for the last 3 years, a lend iPhone 4, or a commodity smartphone, that does all I need, such as a lumia 920 or a nexus 4. We’ll see how IOS 7 runs and what microsoft is going to announce these days, beyond surface2pro, but that’s another story.

Bom dia.